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Intralession Steroid Injection

Looking for a quick, painless way to get rid of those deep acne cysts and skin nodules? You’re found your perfect solution. Acne cyst injections are a one-time treatment that rapidly reduces the inflammation of acne and cysts and help ease the pain associated with these deep lesions. Acne cysts are considered among the most severe forms of acne as they are rooted deep in the layers of your epidermis and can take an extremely long time to heal. Deep, swollen acne cysts often rupture over time and without treatment will leave behind deep scars. Administering an intralesional corticosteroids injection will prevent the cyst from rupturing and causing further damage.

When the occasional acne cyst or nodule erupts, they are not only painful, but can take a long time to heal- weeks or even months. And, if left untreated, can ultimately result in a permanent scar. A cyst or nodule is different in that, it is usually a large acne lesion about 5 mm or more in diameter. They often do not respond to traditional acne treatments.

Medically known as intralesional corticosteroids injection, acne cyst injections are injected directly into the nodule and swiftly reduces redness and inflammation. The diluted corticosteroid solution is mainly made up of the steroid cortisone, and is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory medications available. This highly concentrated amount of the drug swiftly and painlessly begins fighting bacteria trapped underneath the surface of the skin, causing a raised or inflamed acne cyst. What many patients do not realize is that in some cases scarring let behind from an acne cyst can actually spread and deepen in color even after the acne cyst itself is gone. These scars can also become itchy or irritated. For this reason it is best to seek immediate treatment for deep, persistent acne cysts and intralesional corticosteroids injections can help immediately relieve this threat of scarring.

How They Work

Cortisone is a naturally occurring chemical which is released in our bodies in response to inflammation. The cortisone is injected directly into the acne cyst or nodule, and can dramatically reduce the inflammation. Healing usually begins immediately.

Since the solution is injected, it is able to penetrate far below the skin’s surface into the deepest layers of the epidermis. This level of penetration is much deeper than any topical cream or over the counter acne medicine can reach, and for this reason is much more effective at riding the skin of these acne blemishes and preventing permanent scarring. Many patients have reported seeing dramatic improvements in skin discoloration, texture and distribution within 2 to 4 days after the treatment. Patients have also seen improvements in keloid scars and hypertrophic scars using this treatment. There are very few side effects, however the injection area may be a little tender for a few days.


Injected with a tiny needle, acne cyst injections are the best way to avoid permanent scarring of the skin, and within a week usually reduce all visible markings from the cyst. Acne cyst injections are classified by the American Dermatology Association as an out-patient procedure, meaning they do not require that the patient be held for observation after the procedure. The ease of administering the intralesional corticosteroids injection requires very little treatment time and patients are usually in and out of the doctor’s office rapidly. Since the needle used for the procedure is so small, it is mostly non-invasive and leaves behind no visible scarring. There may be slight swelling around the injection site the day after the procedure but this usually dissipates within 24 hours.


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