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Aloe Vera It helps in normal functioning of digestive system and also aids in nutrient absorption.
Apple Apple is not only rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant, but also helps in cleansing the liver and kidney.
Broccoli It has isothiocyanates, a phytochemical that helps in boosting the liver’s capacity to detoxify the body.
Carrot Promotes cardiovascular health, protects eye health from free radical damage, and it is rich in Vitamin A.
Cantaloupe Promotes detoxification because of its alkalinity, protects against free radical damage of the cell and promotes immunity.
Celery  A natural laxative, diuretic and an alkalizer has a cleansing property which detoxifies the liver, kidney, and gall bladder.
Cherry Fights free-radical damage and aids in cellular repair, promotes respiratory health, and promotes regularity and optimal digestion.
Cranberry Juice It contains organic acids which emulsify fat deposits and help in fighting urinary tract infection caused by Escherichia coli bacteria.
Cucumber Cucumber has an immunity booster that protects against free radical damage and aids in prevention of premature ageing. It also helps the body maintain proper hydration and internal fluid balance.
Ginger Ginger contains compounds which help in stimulating digestive secretion and improving intestinal muscle tone.
Grapefruit It boosts immune system functioning, prevents free radical damage to healthy cells and contains fiber that aids in proper elimination of wastes.
Guava It has high amount of vitamin C, an antioxidant, beneficial in protecting cellular oxidation.
Leeks Leeks are an antibacterial and antiviral agents; it helps in blood clotting and prevents platelets from sticking together.
Lemon It fights inflammation and plays an important role in prevention of swelling of joints, cardiovascular conditions, blood illnesses and also prevents the overgrowth of bad colonic bacteria.
Lettuce Lettuce, being high in insoluble fiber, acts as a broom in promoting good bowel movement.
Orange It promotes healthy respiratory system by relieving discomfort in respiration; an immunity booster and aids in regularity of digestive function.
Papaya Optimizes metabolic functions and boosts immunity.
Parsley The chlorophyll in parsley helps flush out environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and air pollution.
Peach It fights free radical damage of the cell and also an immunity booster.
Pineapple It contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelin which aids in faster digestion of proteins.
Spinach It is highly pigmented with chlorophyll that helps flush out toxins ingested by the body.
Strawberry It is rich in antioxidant ellagic acid, has an anti-ageing property, which helps prevent sagging skin.It has also an anti-carcinogenic property, promotes heart and blood health and protects against common illnesses.

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