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Diet Plans

One-day Picassa Drinks Plan

Though the body has a natural cleansing mechanism, Picassa detox drinks help the organs to perform at its maximum potential. Detoxification is a process of getting rid of harmful toxins the body ingested from our day-to-day activities, whether we go from work or even having our vacation trips. It is good to cleanse our body once a week, on a weekly basis to ensure a healthier gut. Do not think of detox as an extra burden to your schedules, instead think of it as a one way ticket to a new you. So grab a kit and color your lifestyle with Picassa Drinks!

Three-day Picassa Drinks Plan

A wonderful treat would it be to cleanse the body with a 3-day detox plan. The drinks will help the body to extensively eliminate toxic substances that hinders good bowel movement and other bodily processes. It will help in flushing out the toxins and harmful substances and further enhance absorption of nutrients to bring back the vigor in you. So plan ahead and take a break once a month and see a better shade in your lifestyle.

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